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App of the month: August 2014

Mon 25th Aug 2014 

Bloom is a captivating app for the iPhone and iPad that allows the user to watch and listen to or create their own abstract music and art by simply touching the screen and producing soft coloured expanding circles accompanied by gentle musical sounds that are then echoed and repeated every 30 seconds.

The app has several different settings that allow you to explore different moods that change the colours of the circles and modalities of the sounds. This means you can use colours and sounds that suit the needs of the user if they have particular hearing or visual impairments.

The app is highly accessible for a range of needs and abilities as there is no requirement to press a specific button or part of the screen and can also be good for collaboration between children and their siblings, peers, family members or carers.

News Bloom

The app is one of several developed by Brian Eno (of Roxy Music fame) and Peter Chilvers, that allow you to create “generative music and art” – that is music and art that is ever changing. The other apps (Trope and Air) use different shapes and types of musical tones in a similar way.


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