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Lifelites attends launch of Parliamentary Group on Assistive Technology

Our Chief Executive Simone recently attended the parliamentary launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Assistive Technology, hosted by the Speaker John Bercow MP.

The group has been launched to bring together parliamentarians, assistive technology users and industry experts to help educate and bring awareness of issues facing the sector.

Assistive technology refers to equipment, software, program or product systems that can be used to increase, maintain or improve the capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

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This includes the technology Lifelites provides for children in hospices which is absolutely essential for improving the lives of these children with disabilities and terminal illnesses.

The group will take evidence from people in the field and eventually publish reports with recommendations.

Simone said: “This group will be a major force to lobby for access to inclusive technologies for everyone who needs it and we were delighted to be invited. We hope that Lifelites can be part of a force to bring the issues of the people using this technology to the forefront of the public’s mind. We look forward to hearing the recommendations produced by the group and the impact that this could have on the children we help.”

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About Lifelites and children's hospices

We have donated packages of our assistive technology and services for children using every children’s hospice services across the British Isles. We are still raising funds to ensure that we can continue to support them with our first class training and technical support.

Our award winning technology projects don't come cheap - each one will cost us around £50,000 for four years, including staff training and maintenance throughout the four years.

You can help.  Please take a look at the projects below to find out where Lifelites is donating our life-changing technology and support and how you can help.


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