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A Knight to Remember

Mon 1st Sep 2014 

The Hall of Chivalry fair rang with the sounds of merry making as the brave Knights of King Arthur Lodge embarked on their bold quest – to raise a king’s ransom in gold for the Lifelites charity.

The evening began with the tale of good works carried out by Lifelites at Little Harbour and other centres and the challenges ahead, then, Lords and Ladies rubbed shoulders with merry monks and jolly jesters to partake of a roasted hog and various sweet treats. Sir Bedivere presided as surly serfs and buxom wenches attempted an intricate medieval dance and loyal supporters of the King trounced followers of the fiend Mordred in a skirmish of song!

Tickets, not swords, were drawn as the customary raffle took place and the wheel of fortune granted her favours to a lucky few who went away with fantastic prizes.

As the festivities drew to a close the grand total raised reached £3,000 much to the delight of Hedley Venning, Mike Goreham and their brave Knights. Grateful thanks to Sally Clarke and the following purveyors of local goods who supported the event with victuals and prizes; Sharps Brewery and Kensey Foods.

David Leaity Lifelites Volunteer Hedley Venning WM Of King Arthur Lodge Peter George PGM Of Cornwall

Simone Enefer-Doy, our Chief Executive, said: "This is a fantastic event that looks and sounds like it was great fun; we love hearing about the different ways our supporters go about raising funds for their local Lifelites projects, especially when they're a little different like this. We'd like to thank all of the brave knights and dashing ladies of King Arthur Lodge for organising the event and raising money for Lifelites."

If you'e looking to organise something similar - please get in touch. 


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