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Guides for children's hospice staff to help them use their Lifelites equipment.


Switches can allow users, including those with severe and profound difficulties to use technology to communicate, have fun, learn and take control. Browse this section for resources on the switches Lifelites has provided to hospices.


Wireless Switch

Document Using Switches with Switch Driver and Joycable

DocumentGetting Started Guide - Beamz Switch Box

DocumentGetting started guide - IT multiswitch box


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The it-Click-On and it-Click-on Plus allows you to turn almost any electrical device into a switch operated device. Give children and young people that can operate a basic switch the opportunity and control to turn on and off lights or sensory equipment, help with domestic activities such as vacuuming or cooking, take control of personal care activites such using the hairdryer.



DocumentUser Guide

DocumentGetting Started Guide



Big Wireless Switch

The switch is light and easy to operate. It is used with a wireless receiver that plugs into the PC with a USB cable and can be programmed to switch in place of any keyboard control.



DocumentGetting started guide Wireless Switch

VideoVideo tutorial



Gooshy Switch

The Gooshy Switch is a soft, textured gel pad that when pressed activates music, vibration and lights from the switch as well as activating the switch effect on the PC.



DocumentGetting started guide Gooshy

VideoVideo Tutorial




iSwitch for iPad

The iSwitch is a bluetooth switch that enables switch access to your iPad.


DocumentGetting started guide Iswitch



Candy Corn Switch

The Candy Corn  Proximity Sensor Switch is highly sensitive and requires zero pressure to activate; just wave your hand or other part of your body within 10 millimetres of the switch to activate. Visual and auditory feedback is provided when activated.


DocumentGetting started guideCandy Corn 





BIG Step by Step Switch

BIG Step-by-Step Choice with Levels provides an exciting option for easy-tech, quick-ready communication. Record up to 9 seperate words, phrases or sounds. The device has 4 minutes of recording time. Can be used for communication, making choices, interactive and sensory stories and much more.


DocumentGetting started guide



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