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Music Hardware

Music can provide a powerful and profound way for children in hospices to express themselves and connect with the world around them. Music therapy gives children choices and control, and raises self-esteem.

Lifelites has provided a number different music technology devices and packages to hospices, including:

Soundbeam 6




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Khoros - The Interactive Musical Instrument

Khoros was designed so that quality and empowering musical experiences could be controlled by anyone regardless of musical experience, learning ability or physical ability. Khoros can be found internationally in schools, colleges, hospices and activity centres.


An easy to use, wireless hardware/software system that offers something for everyone, Khoros's unique design opens up a world of opportunity!

A Musical Instrument

KHOROS SnakeExplore Khoros's large music library, from Chillout to Dubstep, from Jazz to Brazilian beats. Record using a microphone, import MP3s or loops from your favourite music production software and use Khoros to breathe life into your musical creations! Put yourself to the test with Khoros's guide functions and learn how music is pieced together.

A Learning Resource

Engage students in creating their own unique sound scores for performances, presentations and stories. Create your own subject themed interactive games such as matching up questions and answers, building and sequencing phonics to create words and sentences and even use Khoros as a live musician during drama and dance!

A Sensory Tool

Interact with Khoros's colourful light panel switches, soundscapes and musical arrangements. Stimulate positive interaction, effective communication and creative expression.

A Therapy Aid

Khoros encourages physical movement and may be used in support of physiotherapy activities.

Get creative!

- Piece Khoros's colourful jigsaw pieces together in your own shape!


- The easy to use software means more time getting creative!


- Easily navigate Khoros's huge sound library and find something for everyone


- Insert pictures into Khoros's panels to create picture and sound association        games!


- Khoros is portable and completely wireless; no tripping, no tugging! 

Get serious! 

- Record and import your own sounds and music; create phonic games; remix your favourite MP3s


- ​Import loops from your favourite music production software and perform your compositions live!


- Trigger music, sound effects and even videos, transforming any space into a multi-media environment


- Encourage effective communication, speaking, lisenting, discussion and stimulate positive interaction


"A truly versatile piece of equipment that supports all areas of the curriculum, Khoros has aided our phonic development and made lessons more exciting and fun. Khoros is totally inclusive. It has enabled our PMLD students to enjoy and better understand cause & effect as they interact with lights, colours and sounds."


Video Demonstration Video


Beamz is an interactive music system that uses lasers to trigger musical instruments, sound effects, songs and more. The Beamz system enables users to engage with music, to motivate and stimulate interaction and teach cause and effect in a fun way.

C1R42_Beamz By Flo

Document Getting started guide

Weblink BEAMZ website

WeblinkVideo Tutorials


Document Beamz Blippar poster


  Check out our Bitesize training guides for more teaching and learning resources


Soundbeam is an electronic musical system that uses highly sensitive contact-free movement sensors, alongside tactile switches, to provide an accessible interface for users at any level of cognitive or physical ability to play as creative musicians.


DocumentGetting Started Guide  - Soundbeam 6Soundbeam 6

DocumentGuide to soundsets

VideoSoundbeam Intro Video

WeblinkSoundbeam 6 Manual

VideoShowcase 2021 Video


  Check out our Bitesize training guides for more teaching and learning resources


The Skoog is a customizable electronic musical instrument that has been designed to be inclusive and accessible – especially to those unable to play conventional musical instruments.


Document Skoog

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  Check out our Bitesize training guides for more teaching and learning resources

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