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We're now offering refresher training for hospice staff. Get in touch if you'd like to book a session.

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Our tech support team are just a phone call away...

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Guides for children's hospice staff to help them use their Lifelites equipment.

Call our technical support service

Our Technical Support Team are there on the end of the line or email to talk you through how to use our equipment or to assist with solving any glitches, either remotely or on site with all safety measures in place to keep everyone safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. All our services are free of charge!

Lifelites pays for this service on an on-going basis as a commitment to each children's hospice to make sure that the Lifelites equipment continues to enhance the time young people spend there. So, while we look after the equipment, you can get on with looking after your children and families.

Don’t forget that if you have any problems or questions about your equipment, Bryan and his team are always just a call away if you do ever need them.

You can contact Lifelites technical support services for free on 07833 251 755 or email them at 

We appreciate that hospices are facing a particularly difficult time during Covid-19. That is why we adapted our services and offer remote training sessions now.If you would like to schedule a free remote training session for hospice staff, please get in touch with Dan at 


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John Donoghue shares his personal story about why he supports Lifelites

John Donoghue is a dedicated Lifelites Benefactor. He shared with us his very moving personal story about his daughter's health and the reason he decided to become a benefactor, and make a regular monthly gift to Lifelites.

John Donoghue Reg Giving3 (1)


Our Patrons

Our Patrons support our vision, mission and values and give all of their time for free. Their contribution and support is highly valued. 


The technology we donate

Lifelites aims to harness the power of technology by donating a wide variety of assistive and inclusive equipment to enhance the lives of life-limited and disabled children using hospice services.

For these children with complex cognitive and physical impairments, this technology is quite simply magical. It gives them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have to join in with the world around them, irrespective of their disabilities.

Providing these opportunities is only possible because of the donations that Lifelites receives.

We have two new additions to our magical technology package! Click below to learn more about the Tilt Table and the PODs Sensory Tent!

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60 Great Queen Street
Charity No: 1165791