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Support life-limited and disabled children in hospices by helping us provide life-changing assistive technology.

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Lifelites works tirelessly to donate magical technology that life-limited and disabled children in hospices can use to play, be creative, communicate and control something for themselves. However, the equipment we donate doesn't come cheap, and we are only able to continue donating it because of people like you.

We don’t know what the future of assistive technology holds, but we know that it has the potential to change the lives of children with short lives. We need your help to invest in the future of technology.

At Lifelites, we provide a free will writing service to our supporters. If you are interested in taking up this opportunity to support Lifelites long into the future, please get in touch by emailing or calling 0207 440 4200.

We spoke to our trustee Paul Withams, to see why he has pledged to leave a gift in his will to Lifelites

“Not that many years ago, the technology that Lifelites donates was unheard of. When I was a child, the idea of having Virtual Reality (VR) headsets that could transport disabled young people to a place where they could walk and run like others, was pretty much the preserve of science fiction. Today, Lifelites is able to provide this technology to children’s hospice services, thanks to the support of people like you.


I have been lucky enough to see first-hand the effect that technology can have on children in hospices. When I visited a children’s hospice in London, I met a little boy called James who has a rare skin condition. His skin breaks and blisters very easily, so it can be difficult for him to play active games like football. Lifelites delivered a Mobile Magic Carpet to his local children’s hospice, which projects games and images on to the floor with which you can interact. Thanks to this incredible piece of technology, he was able to play games under the watchful eyes of his carers. It was a delight to see, and his laughter and enjoyment was priceless.

At this moment, Lifelites technology is giving James and around 10,000 other children and young people in the British Isles the opportunity to play, be creative, communicate, and have life changing experiences.

What excites me are the opportunities which future developments will bring for Lifelites’ assistive technology, and the potential this has for children with life-limiting illnesses and disabilities.

As technology evolves to create increasingly immersive experiences, I want to see Lifelites continue to keep up with these advances, as well as ensuring accessibility for children who in some cases can’t move and have great difficulties in communicating.

I have therefore pledged to leave a gift in my will to Lifelites, so that when I have passed, as well as making sure my family are taken care of, I can rest assured that the work of this terrific charity can continue to give life-limited and disabled children a chance to escape the confines of their condition. 


Please join me in considering leaving a gift in your will to Lifelites. The Lifelites free will writing serivce was a quick, simple and easy experience. I can take great comfort knowing that after my passing, i'll be leaving a legacy, which will continue to support Lifelites and the children it helps in their moments of need."

If you are interested in leaving a gift in your will to Lifelites, please get in touch by emailing or calling 0207 440 4200.

If you are unsure how to leave a gift in your will, you can find some more information here.



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Writing or amending a will can be fairly simple and inexpensive, and makes sure that your wishes will be followed. The information below should help answer any questions you have.


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