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Support life-limited and disabled children in hospices by helping us provide life-changing assistive technology.

The impact of gaming

Gaming can have a huge impact on the lives of life-limited and disabled children. 

Hospices across the British Isles told us how the gaming equipment we donate has impacted the children they care for:

Bluebell Wood children's hospice - 
“Gaming is a massive part of children’s lives. It normalises everything, and being adapted eliminates the restrictions that our children meet in everyday life."

Demelza Sittingbourne children's hospice -
“I feel that this equipment will be particularly enjoyed by our young teenagers with Duchenes syndrome. Access to this equipment will most definitely enhance their stay. This is a way in which they can continue to relate to their peers which is very important to them.”

Naomi House & jacksplace children's hospice - 
“Games consoles have also proved very important and that is another aspect that they can socialise with their friends on them, especially at times when they would not be allowed to socialise with others due to the complexities around their condition.
“We have a lot of our young adults and children who struggle at times when they play on games consoles, so they are excited when they see the different types of adaptive controllers that Xbox have released.”

St Oswald's children's hospice  -
“The Interactive Entertainment Hub will be loved by every young child in our care but it will truly mean the world to our young adults.  They are of the generation who grew up with gaming.  It is an important part of their social lives and their identity.  Yet many of our young people have progressive conditions and are slowly losing their ability to use the gaming controls – some can only enjoy the gaming world vicariously, watching others play their favourite games on YouTube.  The adapted Xbox controller and the dual controls will be fantastic for these young people, empowering them once again to play an active role in their favourite games."

Charlton Farm children's hospice - 
“People of all ages should have appropriate access to gaming, to observe children racing cars on the big screen who had previously never been able to do is just magic!”


Shay's story and the importance of gaming

Read about Shay and the importance of gaming in his life and the use of Lifelite's accessible gaming equipment. 


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John Donoghue shares his personal story about why he supports Lifelites

John Donoghue is a dedicated Lifelites Benefactor. He shared with us his very moving personal story about his daughter's health and the reason he decided to become a benefactor, and make a regular monthly gift to Lifelites.

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Our Patrons

Our Patrons support our vision, mission and values and give all of their time for free. Their contribution and support is highly valued. 


The technology we donate

Lifelites aims to harness the power of technology by donating a wide variety of assistive and inclusive equipment to enhance the lives of life-limited and disabled children using hospice services.

For these children with complex cognitive and physical impairments, this technology is quite simply magical. It gives them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have to join in with the world around them, irrespective of their disabilities.

Providing these opportunities is only possible because of the donations that Lifelites receives.

We have two new additions to our magical technology package! Click below to learn more about the Tilt Table and the PODs Sensory Tent!

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