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Support life-limited and disabled children in hospices by helping us provide life-changing assistive technology.

Spread the word

The more people you tell about your fundraising, the more successful it’s likely to be. Two of the ways you can do this are to tell your local newspapers and radio stations, and post about it on social media.

Get in the press

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Newspapers love to hear about their local heroes, and as a fundraiser for Lifelites, you are one. Make sure you get in touch. The easiest way of doing this is to send over a press release; this way you can send over all the information at once in a way that is easy for the journalist to share. If you are unsure how to structure it, here are a few tips:

  • Headline: Make it short, snappy and attention grabbing
  • Introduction: This should be a concise summary of the main facts
  • Following paragraphs: these should expand on the details of the event or challenge and the reasons for doing it. Make sure you have covered the what, when, where, why and how.
  • Quotes: Include a quote from yourself and a quote from Lifelites (contact Hannah on
  • Information about Lifelites: Use this paragraph to explain the work of Lifelites  - Lifelites donates and maintains specialist packages of assistive and inclusive technology for the 10,000 terminally ill and disabled children at all 60 children’s hospices across the British Isles.  Every package costs over £50,000 over its four year lifespan and the technology provided helps children to play, be creative, communicate and control something for themselves, for as long as it is possible. 
  • Contact details and links: In the final paragraph you need to include contact details and a link to your fundraising page. If you are promoting a ticketed event you need to provide information about how people can buy tickets.


Once you have written your release, send it to your local paper. You should be able to find the contact details you need on their website.

If you’re struggling to get it right, just get in touch with Hannah at Lifelites and she’ll be able to help you. Email or call 0207 440 4200.

Social media

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Social networks are a fantastic and easy way of sharing your fundraising with family and friends. The most popular are Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure you post with links to your fundraising page explaining why you have chosen to fundraise for Lifelites. It also helps to include pictures and video, taken from you mobile phone!

Whenever you post, make sure you tag Lifelites so that we can share it. Our Facebook page is @Lifelites and our Twitter page is @LifelitesOrg


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Here are our top tips to help you maximise your fundraising for Lifelites.


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