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Help children in children’s hospices with terminal illness and disabilities by helping to provide life-enhancing technology.

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Every donation that we get is vital in helping us continue providing magical technology to children in hospices, so we like to thank every donor and fundraiser individually to let them know exactly what sort of difference their contribution will make. 

For larger gifts, we will send out a certificate and add the supporter's name below, unless they have requested to remain anonymous. 

All of our donors are categorised using the following honorifics scheme:

  • £20,000 Major Donor
  • £10,000 Principal Sponsor
  • £5,000 Sponsor
  • £1,000 Supporter
  • £500 Donor

Below you can see a list of everyone who has receieved the honour 'Donor' or higher since the beginning of 2018:


Major Donor (£20,000+)

Children with Cancer UK 
Worshipful Company of Butchers 
Cadogan Charity
Edward Gostling Foundation
Provincial Grand Lodge of Hampshire and Isle of Wight 


Principal Sponsor (£10,000+)

Sunrise Foundation CIO 
Crerar Hotel Trust
West Riding Masonic Charities LTD
Provincial Grand Lodge of Lincolnshire
Stanley Kalms Foundation
Square Enix
Edward Gostling Foundation
Guy Fawkes Charitable Trust
Thomas J Horne Memorial Trust


Sponsor (£5,000+)

Castle Lodge of Harmony
Claydon Charitable Will Trust
D C R Allen Charitable Trust 
Freemasons Charity of Yorkshire North and East Riding 
Fullagar Charitable Trust 
Louis Nicholas Residuary Charitable Trust 
Lyndal Tree Foundation
Metropolitan Masonic Charity 
PF Charitable Trust 
Provincial Grand Lodge of Bristol
Provincial Grand Lodge of Cheshire 
Provincial Grand Lodge of Devonshire 
Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire 
Provincial Grand Lodge of Isle of Man
Provincial Grand Lodge of Northampton and Huntingdonshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of Northumberland
Provincial Grand Lodge of Sussex
Provincial Grand Lodge of West Lancashire 
Provincial Grand Lodge of West Wales
Revere Charitable Trust 
Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association
Zochonis Charitable Trust 


Supporter (£1,000+)

Age Partnership Charitable Foundation
Bee Hive Lodge
Bretton Priory Lodge 
Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust
Charles S French Charitable Trust
David Lister Charitable Trust 
David Robarts Charitable Trust 
Diana and Allan Morgenthau Trust
Elizabeth Lodge
Essex Mason Trust 
Essex Masters Lodge
Forest Green Lodge
Fulmer Charitable Trust
Future Games of London
Gerald Gundle Philanthropic Trust 
Goodenough Charitable Trust
Grand Stewards Lodge Benevolent Fund
Gregory Kirby
Grey Court Trust
Investec Wealth and Investment Charitable Trust Fund
Irving Memorial Trust
Jacqueline and Michael Gee Charitable Trust 
Jeremy Aspden 
John and Francoise Thornton Charitable Trust 
John Coates Charitable Trust
John Whinney 
Ladies Festival 
Lady Forrester Trust
Leicestershire & Rutland Masonic Charity Association 
Lennox Hannay Charitable Trust 
Lodge of Alliance 
Lodge of Eastern Bon Accord L7071
Lodge of Mercey
Lodge of New Hope 
Mary Potter Convent Hospital Trust
Michael Cornish Charitable Trust
Middlesex Masters Lodge
Middlesex Province Relief Fund
Millichope Foundation 
Mirianog Trust 
Muriel Eanes Charitable Trust
Patricia Wright Charitable Trust
Pennington Bequest
Prospect Lodge 7618
Province of Worcestershire Masonic Charity
Provincial Grand Lodge of Bedfordshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of Buckinghamshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of Cambridgeshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of Cambridgeshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of Cornwall
Provincial Grand Lodge of Derbyshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of Dorset
Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham
Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex
Provincial Grand Lodge of Herefordshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Cumberland and Westmorland
Provincial Grand Lodge of Monmouthshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of North Wales
Provincial Grand Lodge of Nottinghamshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of South Wales
Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey
Red Cross of Constantine 
Rosalyn & Nicholas Springer Charitable Trust
Rushden LAMS
S M B Trust
Sarah Clemence
Shropshire Masonic Charitable Association
Simon Gibson Charitable Trust
Steven Prevezer Charitable Trust
Surrey Provincial Charity Fund
Susan and Stephen James Charitable Settlement
Sylvia Aitken Charitable Trust
Taurus Lodge
United Chapter of Prudence
University of Edinburgh Lodge
Vassiliou Charitable Trusts
W E D Charitable Trust
Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association
West Lancashire Freemasons Charity
Worshipful Company of Information Technologists
Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation


Donor (£500+)

Athlon Lodge
Beacon Lodge
Belgrave Lodge
Bernays Charitable Trust
BNFL Risley Medical Research And Charity Trust Fund
Brian Street
Brock Charitable Trust
Builders of the Silent City Lodge
Burghley Family Trust
Chequered Flag Lodge
Chine Lodge
Chiswick Lodge
Cholmeley Park Lodge
Clissold Lodge
Coborn Lodge
Colin Serlin
Con Amore Lodge
Cornwallis East Kent Freemason's Charity
Cornwell Charitable Trust
District of Essex
Evening Star Lodge
Floreat Lodge
Geoffrey Burton Charitable Trust
Grace Charitable Trust
Gregory Kirby
Hampden Lodge
Harford Charitable Trust
Hilda Clarke Memorial Fund
Hutton Foundation
James T Howat Charitable Trust
Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust
John William Wright Deceased Trust
Jordan Lodge of Good Companions
King Arthur Lodge L7134
Leeds Convalescent Society
Lillie Johnson Charitable Trust
Lincolnshire Bicentenary Lodge of Installed Masters
Lodge of Brotherly Union
Lodge of King Solomon's Temple
Lodge of Tranquillity
London First Principals Chapter
London Hospital Lodge
London Welsh Lodge
London Welsh Lodge
Lynn Foundation
Marshall and Viggars Charitable Trust
Maud Elkington Charitable Trust
Medina Lodge No 35
Melton Mowbray Building Society Mensura Lodge
Mercury Lodge
Merdon Lodge
Michael & Morven Heller Charitable Foundation
Morden Lodge
Mount Sinai Chapter
Mulberry Lodge
Nichols Charitable Trust
Nigel Gee
Norbury Lodge
Octa Lodge
Old Wellingtonian Lodge
Patricia Wright Charitable Trust
Patsy BloomPax-Humana Lodge
Pixiella Trust
Provincial Grand Lodge of Oxfordshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire
Ralph Levy Charitable Company
Robert Verner-Jeffreys
Roger & Irene Graham Charitable Foundation
Roger Raymond Charitable Trust
Rye Chapter
Samuel Cody Aviation lodge
Simon & Philip Cohen Charitable Trust
Sir Francis Burdett Lodge 


Thank you to all our champions. 


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