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Support life-limited and disabled children in hospices by helping us provide life-changing assistive technology.

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Lifelites champions

Every donation that we get is vital in helping us continue providing magical technology to children in hospices, so we like to thank every donor and fundraiser individually to let them know exactly what sort of difference their contribution will make. 

For larger gifts, we will send out a certificate and add the supporter's name below, unless they have requested to remain anonymous. 

All of our donors are categorised using the following honorifics scheme:

  • £20,000 Major Donor
  • £10,000 Principal Sponsor
  • £5,000 Sponsor
  • £1,000 Supporter
  • £500 Donor


Below you can see a list of everyone who has receieved the honour 'Donor' or higher since the beginning of 2020:


Major Partner (£20,000+)

Provincial Grand Lodge of Hampshire and Isle of Wight
Provincial Grand Lodge of Jersey
The Estate of James Lazenby Viggers
Cobtree Charity Trust Ltd

Principle Sponsor (£10,000+)

Lodge of Mercy
Morrisons Foundation
Postcode Community Trust
Edward Gostling Foundation

Sponsor (£5000+)

Fullagar Charitable Trust
Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey
Skelmersdale Lodge
Stanley Kalms Foundation
The Margaret Gladys Grimes Charitable Trust
The Thomas J Horne Memorial Trust
The W O Street Charitable Foundation
Charles & Elsie Sykes Trust
Revere Charitable Trust
True Colours Trust
Lyndal Tree Foundation

Supporter (£1000+)

Pam Lake
British Lodge
Castle Lodge of Harmony
Cradiden Masonic Lodge
Diana and Allan Morgenthau Trust
Essex Masters Lodge
F B Coales No 4 (Family) Trust
Lions Club of Osterley
Metropolitan Grand Lodge and Chapter Golf Society
Morden Lodge
PGL of Hertfordshire Benevolent Fund
Province of Worcestershire Masonic Charity
Provincial Grand Lodge of Cornwall
Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire
Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent
Sarnia Riduna Lodge
Steven Prevezer Charitable Trust
The Albert Hunt Trust
The Brock Charitable Trust
The City and University of Cambridge Masonic Charitable Trust
The F B Coales (No 4) Family Trust 
The F G Roberts Charitable Trust
The Geoffrey Watling Charity
The George A Moore Foundation
The Gerald Gundle Philanthropic Trust
The Grange Farm Centre Trust
The Grey Court Trust
The Harford Charitable Trust
The Isabel Blackman Foundation
The Lady Forester Trust
The Launan Charitable Trust
The Lyndal Tree Foundation
The Mary Potter Convent Hospital Trust
The Medlock Charitable Trust
The Mirianog Trust
The Molly Forster Charitable Trust
The Patricia Wright Charitable Trust
The Paul Bassham Charitable Trust
The Rosalyn & Nicholas Springer Charitable Trust
The W E D Charitable Trust
The W P H Charitable Trust
The Walker Group
William De Warenne Lodge
Worshipful Company of Information Technologists
Provincial Grand Lodge of Devonshire
Lord Belstead Charitable Settlement
West Lancashire Freemasons Charity
Barnard Kenneth Hufton Charity
Sir James Roll Charitable Trust
Carnarvon Lodge
Thoresby Charitable Trust
Susan and Stephen James Charitable Settlement
Jacqueline and Michael Gee Charitable Trust
Essex Masters Lodge
Rosalyn & Nicholas Springer Charitable Trust
Jubilee Masters Lodge
Cito Lodge
Taurus Lodge
Q Charitable Trust
Shanly Foundation
Leicestershire & Rutland Masonic Charity Association
Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust
Steven Prevezer Charitable Trust
Englefield Charitable Trust
Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity
Lawson Trust CIO
The Clare Milne Trust
Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust
Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Hertfordshire
Gerald and Gail Ronson Family Foundation
Misselbrook Trust
Lodge of Fortitude & Old Cumberland

Donor (£500+)

Dean Stewart
Blacksmith's Lodge
Colchester Lodge
Excelsior & Dedication Lodge
Fenland Daylight Lodge
Hercules Lodge
Hornsey Lodge
James T Howat Charitable Trust
Joseph Hopkins Trust
Joseph Levy Foundation
King Solomon's Temple Lodge
Kings Cross Lodge
Lodge of Perfect Light
North Surrey Masters Lodge
P & R Agricultural Services
Paddington Rifles
Plumstead Lodge
Provincial Grand Lodge of Norfolk
St John's Lodge
The Alchemy Foundation
The Burghley Family Trust
The Geoffrey Burton Charitable Trust
The Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust
The Leeds Convalescent Society
The Lynn Foundation
The Roger Raymond Charitable Trust
The Sydney Black Charitable Trust
Hilda Clarke Memorial Fund
Blacksmith's Lodge
Wantsum Cork Lodge
John and Francoise Thornton Charitable Trust
Excelsior & Dedication Lodge
University of Edinburgh Lodge
Leeds Convalescent Society
JEM Charitable Trust
Westbourne Lodge
Ivy Lodge
Kings Cross Lodge
Michael & Morven Heller Charitable Foundation
Galinski Charitable Trust
Hamilton Wallace Trust
Mensura Lodge
Londesborough Lodge
Finsbury Archers Lodge
Vassiliou Charitable Trusts
Grove Park Kent Lodge
Lodge of St James
Hazel and Leslie Peskin Charitable Trust
Lodge of Good Companions
The Kent Club for London Freemasons 

Thank you to all our champions!


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