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Support life-limited and disabled children in hospices by helping us provide life-changing assistive technology.

2.6 Challenge - 26 hours without tech!

Sunday 26 April was the scheduled date for the 40th annual London Marathon. It is a huge event in the charity fundraising calendar.

Every year for the past 13 years, the London Marathon has set a world record for an annual one-day fundraiser, with an incredible £66.4 million raised for good causes in 2019 and more than £1 billion raisedsince the first race in 1981.

In response, the organisers of the London Marathon have come together to create a new campaign to raise vital funds to help save UK charities.

The campaign, 2.6 Challenge, will launch on Sunday 26 April. On that day, the public is asked to dream up an activity based around the number 2.6 or 26 and fundraise or donate to save UK charities.

Join our challenge! #Lifelites26hoursTechFree

CEO Simone Enefer-Doy, together with her Lifelites colleagues, is asking you to join the 26 hour no tech fundraising challenge. 

Would you be willing not to use your phone, computers, TV or tablet for 26 hours on 26 April? To ask your friends and family to join you? To each aim to raise £26 so that Lifelites can get vital tech to life-limited children? 

We can now understand what isolation feels like, but take it to the next level by putting away your tech for a day to experience how life-limited and disabled children might feel without Lifelites' donated assistive technology. For life-limited and disabled children in hospice care, that technology can give them a chance to tell their parents they love them; to have the opportunity to paint a picture, even if they can only move their eyes; or play with their brothers or sisters. 

These children rely on people like you to help Lifelites donate life-changing technology. Join us to raise funds for this technology and give life-limited and disabled children a voice, a chance to control something for themselves, and allow them to socialise with their parents, brothers, sisters and create friendships.

To participate, please sign up here.



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Would you like to help give kids with limited life unlimited possibilities?

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The COVID-19 pandemic means that the vulnerable children we support need us more than ever. By becoming a Lifelites Benefactor and making a regular donation to Lifelites, you will be helping to give these children a chance to escape the confines of their conditions, break free from isolation, and strengthen relationships with parents, brothers and sisters, and friends.



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Leaving a gift in your will could help us suport children in hospices in the future. Read on to se why others have chosen to leave a gift in their will to Lifelites. 


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Giving Tuesday - 01 December 2020

On Tuesday, 1 December 2020, the global campaign “Giving Tuesday” is asking people across the world to do something positive for a good cause. Join our Lifelites community on that day and show that you support life-limited and disabled children using hospice services.

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Would you like to give kids with limited life unlimited possibilities?

We have plenty of opportunities for how you can get involved and help us raise funds so we can continue donating life-changing technology to children with disabilities and life-limited conditions. Have a look!


A-Z of fundraising ideas

Would you like to fundraise for Lifelites but are stuck for ideas? Take a look through our A-Z of ideas and hopefully you’ll find some inspiration! 


Magical technology for children in hospices

Magical technology for children using hospice services


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