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New projects in 2020/21


This year we are fundraising for 13 new projects at children's hospices across the British Isles. 

Our award winning technology projects don't come cheap - each one will cost us around £50,000 for four years, including staff training and maintenance throughout the four years.

You can help: take a look at the projects below to find out which children's hospice near you is due to receive a brand new technology.


Hospice locations

Here are the locations of some of the children’s hospices that we work with across the British Isles, click on any one to find out the address.

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Lifelites @ Bluebell Wood

In 2011 we installed our first package of technology at Bluebell Wood. We haven't stopped since then - our technical support service is just a quick phone call away.

We hope to install a new package in 2021.

Lifelites @ Charlton Farm (CHSW)

At the beginning of February 2021, we were able to install a brand new package of cutting edge technology at Charlton Farm (CHSW). Thank you for your support to make this happen!

Lifelites @ Chestnut Tree House

In early 2021, we were able to donate and install a brand-new and bespoke package of assistive technology for the life-limited and disabled children at Chestnut Tree House. 

Lifelites @ Claire House

Claire House was the first children's hospice to have received a brand-new Lifelites-donated technology package in 2021. 

Lifelites @ Demelza South East London

We installed a brand new package of our award winning technology for the children of Demelza South East London in February 2021! 

Lifelites @ St Oswald's

We last installed a new package at St Oswald's in 2016 and hope to install a brand new one in early 2021. Can you help us to donate life-changing technology for the children at St Oswald's?

Lifelites @ Zoё’s Place, Coventry

We visited Zoё's Place baby hospice in Coventry in January 2021 to deliver brand-new magical technology such as the inflatable and mobile Pod, the Tilt Table, and iPads so life-limited and disabled children can escape isolation and connect with their loved ones.

Lifelites @ Zoё’s Place Liverpool

We hope to deliver brand-new technology in early 2021. We also love going back to help out whenever they need us with technical support and training. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we follow strict safety measures and offer online training sessions.

Lifelites @ Zoё's Place Middlesbrough

We delivered brand-new magical technology to Zoё's Place Middlesbrough in January 2021, following strict safety measures. We love going back to help out whenever they need us with techincal support and training, currently we offer online training. 

Lifelites at Martin House

We are dedicated to delivering a brand-new technology package to the children's hospice Martin House in 2021 under strict safety measures. Especially during the ongoing pandemic, life-limited and disabled children rely on magical technology to escape isolation and engage with the world around them.

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