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Lifelites at Noah's Ark

Addy enjoying the magic carpet at Noah's Ark.

We’ve supported Noah’s Ark for some years with packages of portable tech for their hospice at home services. In 2020 we donated a new package of magical technology for their brand new hospice building. 

When we last visited, we spoke to Karen Landsman, whose daughters Nix and Addy use the Noah's Ark service: 

“This kind of technology is so important for children like Nix. She has cerebral palsy and uses a switch to communicate or to access toys and the computer, and her iPad is almost always on, playing her music or stories to keep her settled and happy. It works to calm her when almost nothing else does, and the distraction of it very often means she needs less painkillers too.

"Some of her friends are able to use Eyegaze equipment too (Nix is blind so can’t) and wow, it’s just amazing. The items Lifelites have given Noah’s Ark will I’m sure make a huge difference to the children using it.”

We are also raising funds for the next package of technology which we aim to donate in 2024.

The technology we hope to provide can be life-changing for the life-limited and disabled children who make use of this hospice service. To help this fund this project, find out how you can get involved



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