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Lifelites at Little Harbour


Hospice Staff and Lifelites celebrating the donation of brand-new technology to Little Harbour in 2019.

We have donated a package of life-changing technology but still need to raise funds for the vital ongoing training and technical support we provide so that the children can continue to make the most of every moment.

Staff at the hospice told us how they thought the new technology would make a difference to the children they cared for:
" It will provide individuals with the opportunity to control certain aspects of their life by making choices and having a say; Individuals will be able to develop social experiences through gaming, maintain links with their existing peers and with their family. The package will enable them to communicate and interact with other individuals staying in the hospice at the same time or to establish new friendships and also to enable them to access educational experiences or even be a part of their class virtually, through video conferencing. Some features of the package will help to maintain normality, when they may otherwise experience loneliness or isolation or lack of control."

We are also raising funds for the next package of technology which we aim to donate in 2023.

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Lifelites at Little Harbour

We delivered a brand-new technology package to Little Harbour in 2019. This package included one of our most popular pieces of technology - the specially adapted Lifelites ipad that can be used by any child, no matter their level of ability. Can you help to continue to fund this package?

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