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Lifelites at Ellenor


We first visited this hospice in Kent way back in 2002, and have visited them again in 2019 for their fifth magical technology package.  

John Junior (JJ) is one of the children who ellenor cares for. JJ used to be a lively young boy, able to explore the world and attend a mainstream school. But then he was diagnosed with ALD, meaning he suddenly lost his ability to walk or talk.

Being able to use Eyegaze has given JJ the chance to do things independently for the first time in years, without needing help from his parents or carers. He moves his eyes around the screen to create pictures or select an image.

John At Ellenor1

Help us make more magic like this by fundraising for the new package at ellenor. 

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New projects in 2019

We provide our magical technology to children and young people using every children's hospice service across the British Isles. Every four years we provide a brand new package to each hospice, and this year we hope to donate to the hospices listed below. 

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