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Lifelites at EACH Milton


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Josh enjoying the magical equipment donated by Lifelites to EACH Milton.

We have donated a package of life-changing technology but still need to raise funds for the vital ongoing training and technical support we provide so that the children can continue to make the most of every moment.

When we last visited EACH Milton we met Josh and his mum Helen. Josh has a brain tumour but doctors can't agree on a diagnosis, and it is very unsure what the future holds for him. Helen said: "Josh has highly specialised needs and requires 24 hour care. He is paralysed on his left side, has impaired vision and can suffer multiple seizures a day. There is no treatment, we just manage his symptoms and make his life as comfortable and pleasant as possible."

Josh loves playing with the Lifelites technology, specifically the touchscreen computer. Helen said: "He loves the games and the fact that he can be in control. It really works with him, it's so great to see how much interaction he gets from it. There is no way we could afford to buy it for ourselves, so for him to have one at the hospice is wonderful. It just means the world to us."

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