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Lifelites at Christopher's


A celebration after the installation of a new package of magical technology.

Christopher's has just received its sixth new magical technology package in late 2019.

Staff at the hospice told us why this donation was so important to them:
"Lifelites technology is invaluable in helping provide the children in our Hospice the opportunity to do so many things that they never thought possible, as a result of their illness or disability, such as paint a picture, create music, play a game or communicate with their family.
Lifelites technology allows many of our children to have some control over some areas of their life and engage in meaningful activities."

We are also raising funds for the next package of technology which we aim to donate in 2023.

Find out how you can get involved and support this project here.

Lifelites at Shooting Star

We provided our latest package of technology in 2017 and aim to return with brand-new assistive technology. Can you help us fund this donation? 

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