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Lifelites at Christopher's


Christopher's has just received its sixth new magical technology package in late 2019.

We have been changing the lives of children at Christopher's with our magical technology since 2002, and have donated a total of six packages since then. During one of our visits we spoke to a parent who told us: 

"My husband has told me all about Lifelites before, but seeing it in action is just amazing. To think that these children don't have mamy opportunities and then you come in and make it all possible."

Lifelites Magic Carpet - Shooting Star Children 's Hospices  (1)

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Lifelites at Shooting Star

We provided our latest package of technology in 2017 and aim to return with brand-new assistive technology in 2021/22. Can you help us fund this donation? 

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We need your help to provide 13 children's hospices across the British Isles with new projects in 2020/21.


New projects in 2019

We provide our magical technology to children and young people using every children's hospice service across the British Isles. Every four years we provide a brand new package to each hospice, and this year we hope to donate to the hospices listed below. 

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