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Help children in children’s hospices with terminal illness and disabilities by helping to provide life-enhancing technology.

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Lifelites @ Brian House


In 2011 we installed a brand new package of technology at Brian House. We haven't stopped since then - our technical support service is just a quick phone call away.

When we last visited with new equipment, the Xbox Kinect was all the rage. We think they'd love the new specialist iPads we provide because, like the Kinect, youngsters can do a lot with very a little movement.

After seeing the Kinect, Lorraine Cundy, Clinical Manager at Brian House told us: “They don’t have to  hold something to make it work which is so often very important. It’s about what they can do rather than what they can’t.”

New projects in 2018

We provide our magical technology to children and young people using every children's hospice service across the British Isles. Every four years we provide a brand new package to each hospice, and this year we hope to donate to the hospices listed below. 

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