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Demelza Children's Hospice received its latest technology package in 2017 and has received ongoing technical maintenance and training. We are aiming to return next year with a brand-new package of magical technology. 

We recently spoke to Elise's mum, who told us “Demelza has been a strong support to our family, offering day respite for our daughter Elise. Elise loves using the Eyegaze equipment when she stays at the hospice as it really helps with her communication skills”.


Lifelites teamed up with the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists’ (WCIT) to deliver a ‘path-breaking’ project to one of their new projects at Demelza children’s hospice in Kent. The organisations say they intend to use the project to investigate the impact revolutionary eye-tracking technology can have on children and young people in hospices, many of whom will have severe disabilities.

WCIT have donated over £4,000 for Lifelites are able to install, maintain and train the team at Demelza to use Eyegaze as part of the charity’s wider package of cutting edge technology for the youngsters who learn, play and stay at the Kent children’s hospice.

The project is already causing a stir in the hospice movement and the sector publication eHospice filed a report on the impact the Eyegaze is already having.

Lucy, a young woman who uses the services at Demelza, was ecstatic to find out she was going to be a “guinea pig”, she wrote in her blog: “It really is an amazing new idea. Calibrate your visual scope and voila! You can use the computer just by looking at it! It's incredible! Honestly, you see these things in movies and hear about them being in the pipelines but you never really expect anything to come of it. I felt so privileged to see this new technological wonder up and running and to actually get the chance to trial it and give feedback before it's properly finalised.”

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