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Lifelites at Rainbows


Installation of a Lifelites donated Magic Carpet

The next best place to home, when it’s needed most. Rainbows cares for hundreds of families every year who have a child or young person with a serious or terminal illness. This has been a long standing project with which we have partnered since the year 2000. This year we will be delivering Rainbows children hospice its 6th package of inclusive and assistive technology!

Here is what some of the Rainbows staff have had to say about our equipment:

"Many of our children are unable to access day to day things because of their disabilities. Technology means they can achieve things, have control over some areas of their life and not be so isolated socially. In many cases it is their lifeline - thank you."


"This technology is great. It's wonderful to have such an amazing donation and brilliant to see how excited the staff were. But it's not just technology Lifelites provides and it's the ongoing relationship, the training and technical support, that is so important to making this work."


This year we will donate a package of life-changing technology but still need to raise funds for the vital ongoing training and technical support we provide so that the children can continue to make the most of every moment.

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