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Accessibility Information

At Lifelites, we are committed to continually upgrading our website to make it more accessible and usable for everyone. We have recently invested in research and consultancy with specialist companies to understand how best to do this.

The resulting changes we have made mean that more users with special needs should have a much better experience when using our website.

As we strive towards making our website simple to use for all, we would welcome any feedback on further improvements.  Please click on 'get in touch' to send us an email.

General hints and tips

Adjusting the size of text in Internet Explorer

To make reading on screen more comfortable, you can change the size of the text in your browser. In Internet Explorer, choose View > Text Size and then Larger or Largest to make the text bigger. Choose View > Text Size > Medium to reset it to the default size. Changing this setting may also affect any other web sites that you view.

If you use the Accessibility options in Internet Explorer to Ignore Font Sizes Specified on Web Pages (Tools > Internet Options > Accessibility), the navigation menu text may overflow the space available when the font size is set larger than default. If you think you may be missing items from the menu and you have used this option, try making the text size smaller using the View menu, or turn off the option.


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