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POD - sensory tent

It’s portable, light and fun. It’s ideal for life-limited and disabled children wherever care is provided - at a children’s hospice or in their own home. The PODs come with a theme, such as under the sea, remote controlled internal lighting, complementing sound effects, and a matching audiobook. With enough space for a wheelchair, it becomes a place to hide away. It’s perfect for life-limited and disabled children to immerse themselves in their own world and escape their day to day difficulties for a while.

In early 2020, we donated our first Sensory Tent for the children of Julia’s House in Poole. Since then, it has been used in a wide variety ways and by children of all ages at the hospice. They told us it has become a real focus for fun activities - as a chill out zone, or as a safe place to reduce anxiety. 

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For example, they used it for a non-mobile girl who likes to rotate on the floor. The girl was hoisted and positioned on the mat. Then the POD was placed over her and she was able to enjoy underwater sounds, simulating seaside experiences. The girl spent a long time simply moving around in circles on the floor, safely within the Tent and having a lovely time! Many of these children will never have the opportunity to swim in the sea, snorkel or dive. The POD can give them a taste of these experiences, making the impossible, possible.

Julia’s House also used it for the ‘Hospice Around the World’ theme. They adorned the Tent with bits of fabric to simulate a Bedouin Tent and played Arabian music. The POD has also acted as a make-believe doctors’ clinic. Staff at Julia’s House said: ‘Overall, the Sensory Tent has been an amazing resource and offers so much versatility! It’s a big thumbs up from all of us at Julia’s House.”


In light of the pandemic, the Sensory Tent is ideal to ensure social distancing as one child at a time can enjoy the world inside the tent. Due to its smooth material, the surface can easily and thoroughly be cleaned. The Sensory Tent is therefore an ideal item to use during Covid-19.


Tilt and Touch Table

One of the technologies we hope to deliver for children using hospice services in 2020/21 is the Tilt and Touch Table. This magical technology enables life-limited and disabled children to take part in games, learn, and create something themselves from any angle as it adapts to the children's abilities. 


The Tech Trunk - new for 2019

The 10,000 children who currently use hospice services represent only one fifth of the children who require palliative care in the British Isles. These children need our help, so we put our heads together to think of a way to take our magical technology to these children.


Interactive Entertainment Hub

Our Interactive Entertainment Hubs are the perfect solution for children in hospices who love gaming, but are unable to use the typical controllers. 



Mobile Magic Carpet

For children whose lives are limited by their conditions, the Mobile Magic Carpet brings the outside world in, transporting them into a world of make believe.



Even for children with the most profound disabilities, the Lifelites Eyegaze gives them the chance to communicate and play – just like other children.



We pack our special iPads with a whole host of apps to enable children with disabilities to communicate, play, be creative and have fun.  


Soundbeam and Beamz

Music is such an important form of expression and it is particularly important for children in children’s hospices who may not be able to speak or move or tell people how they feel. 


Special mice

Our special mice make it possible for children with disabilities to have the rare opportunity to control something for themselves.


Makey Makey

Using a Makey Makey to turn anything that conducts electricity into a mouse helps children of all abilities to join in the fun. 


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