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Our environmental policy

Lifelites environmental policy


We know that the work of Lifelites providing technology for children in hospices, has a positive impact on their short lives.  However, we recognise that our activities may have some negative environmental effects and we wish to take steps to minimise these.


Technology and electricity

  • We will encourage our staff and hospice partners to be aware of the need to switch off equipment when not in use (e.g. not to leave items on stand-by overnight), to switch off and unplug chargers, etc.
  • Wherever practicable, we will opt for supplying peripherals which utilise rechargeable batteries. If this is not possible, we will encourage recycling of batteries.
  • In our offices, we will turn off all our equipment and lights when no one is using them and in particular at the end of the day.


Travel and transport

  • Wherever practicable and affordable, we will take public transport to carry out our work.
  • Where public transport is not used, we will endeavour to ensure that we make the most effective use of other forms of transport, incorporating as many activities as is practicable in those journeys.
  • Centralised procurement of the equipment for the hospices represents the most positive method we can use in environmental terms.



  • By making use of our service company’s (See IT Work) remote diagnostic services, we feel we are maintaining our services in the most environmentally effective manner.

 Waste and recycling

  • We are following Government directives (WEEE) by making sure that old equipment from hospices is returned to See IT Work and offered to a charity which carries out refurbishment and offers them to other charities.
  • We encourage hospices to make the most environmentally friendly use of consumables by printing in draft format where practicable and re-using scrap paper.
    • Wherever practicable and cost-effective, we will minimise our mailing activity and use environmentally friendly materials, including bio-degradable and recycled materials.


Training and communicating this policy

We will communicate our environmental policy through the following means:

  • Emails to hospice staff and volunteers;
  • Our newsletter – electronic and paper;
  • Posters – for display in main area of equipment at hospices and in our office;
  • Training – as part of the care staff training at hospices;
  • Team meetings.




Updated Wednesday 26 February 2014


The children we help

We know that the technology and services that we provide can change a child’s life. It gives children in hospices the opportunity to do so many things that they never thought possible, such as paint a picture, create music, play a game, or communicate with their family.

We’d like to introduce you to some of the children who have used the Lifelites technology, and the impact it has had on their short lives.


Our ethical fundraising policy

Lifelites is committed to donating and maintaining packages of assistive and inclusive technology to help life-limited and disabled children in children’s hospices throughout the British Isles.

In order to ensure the availability of ongoing funds to pay for this vital work, Lifelites aims to maintain its reputation in order to maintain and develop sources of funding.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure transparency, ethical and consistent dealings with all Lifelites stakeholders.


Data protection and privacy policy

Data protection

The Data Protection Act 1998 establishes a framework of rights and duties which are designed to safeguard personal data.  This framework balances the legitimate needs of organisation to collect and use personal data for business and other purposes against the right of individuals to respect the privacy of their personal details. 



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John Donoghue shares his personal story about why he supports Lifelites

John Donoghue is a dedicated Lifelites Benefactor. He shared with us his very moving personal story about his daughter's health and the reason he decided to become a benefactor, and make a regular monthly gift to Lifelites.

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Our Patrons

Our Patrons support our vision, mission and values and give all of their time for free. Their contribution and support is highly valued. 


The technology we donate

Lifelites aims to harness the power of technology by donating a wide variety of assistive and inclusive equipment to enhance the lives of life-limited and disabled children using hospice services.

For these children with complex cognitive and physical impairments, this technology is quite simply magical. It gives them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have to join in with the world around them, irrespective of their disabilities.

Providing these opportunities is only possible because of the donations that Lifelites receives.

We have two new additions to our magical technology package! Click below to learn more about the Tilt Table and the PODs Sensory Tent!

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